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Medical Billing in California

Medical Billing in California Are you a health care provider in California? Have you discovered the benefits of outsourcing your Medical Billing? We are an experienced Medical Billing company, serving the state of California. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet all your Medical Billing needs. Because we service health care providers in the state of California, we are familiar with all of California’s requirements for filing insurance, Medicaid and Medicare claims forms. That means no more costly errors that can increase turn-around time. Outsourcing your Medical Billing frees up your staff to focus on patient care rather than insurance claim forms. Outsourcing keeps your overhead costs low, increases

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Medical Billers & Coders Needed, Nationally

Yes! Yes! Yes! There is a massive need for medical personnel, especially those qualified to not only submit claims, but also for those with the ability to code them for submission to insurance carriers.I’ve seen the statistics that show the growth in the now ‘baby boom’ population, which now and for the next ten years show a need for the biller and the coder. I’ve seen the increase in job want ads for billers and coders in all the big newspapers, as well as on the internet. And lastly, i’ve gotten the continuous phone calls from friends, industry contacts and medical facilities asking for my help in filling the biller/coder

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How to Choose A Medical Billing Service

How to Choose A Medical Billing Service:When a physician chooses a medical billing service, there are several things to consider before making a final decision. First, you have to decide what you want your medical billing service to do. Some just handle insurance claims. Others help with collecting money from patients. And some provide extensive practice management services. Medical billing services submit insurance claims one of two ways: on paper or electronically. It is important to choose a medical billing service that does electronic submissions as much as possible. This will result in quicker claim acceptance and payments from insurance companies. Physicians must also consider what medical billing services charge

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In or Out of Network: Picking a PPO Physician

When you belong to a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), you will usually be asked to choose a physician that belongs “in-network”. What does in-network mean? It means that the insurance company has arranged with a network of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers to provide healthcare to its members. Usually this network of providers has agreed to provide services at rates that are much lower than normal, in return for more business from insurance companies. Insurance companies do this to keep their costs low. Choosing an in-network doctor usually costs less for the consumer. Often PPO’s agree to pay most or all of the cost of a visit to an

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Physician credentialing – What Is Involved in the Process: Part 2

Physician credentialing – what is involved in the process: Part 2 will discuss the application package and everything that you will need to know about it. After your interview was made, usually the recruiters will send the physician an application package with everything needed to apply for the job. If you are going to submit an application, you will need to make sure that you send in all of your information that of which includes: all of your personal information, both of your undergraduate and graduate degrees, your licensure as well as your certification, you will need references, malpractice history and disciplinary proceedings and last but not least, also be

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