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Physician credentialing – what is involved in the process: Part 1

Physician credentialing – what is involved in the process you ask? There are several steps and processes involved in physician credentialing, so hang tight. The first thing that I feel that I should mention to you, is that when you are selecting what we refer to as a “locum tenens company,” you should always, and might I repeat always, make sure that the company/firm will be dedicated to providing you with “risk management.” You need to make sure that you have risk management for the client that is recruiting the physicians, as well as the physician themselves. You must absolutely not have a brief interview, and consider everything to turn

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Exactly What Is Medical Billing, Anyway?

Medical billing and coding is how healthcare providers, big and small, get paid for services rendered. Over the past decades, medical billing has become more and more complicated. The practice of assigning this important task to a receptionist, administrator or bookkeeper has all but fallen by the wayside, with healthcare providers opting to hire specially trained personnel instead. The reason is simple. In today’s highly litigious society, it behooves medical practitioners to make sure their medical billing and coding work is accurate and correct. Only in this manner can a lawsuit or a messy claim be avoided. The physician, hospital, or HMO can then get back to their real business:

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Healthy Insurance Claims

These days, when it comes to medical billing and coding related practices, health providers must sit up and pay attention…or risk paying a high price. To be effective, medical billing and coding must be accomplished by a professional trained for the job. Creating the patient account, charge entry, payment posting, denial posting, reconciliation, returned mail, refunds, provider data bases and updates, adjustments and write-offs, are just the tip of the iceberg in this important field. Accurate, transparent billing and coding methods minimize provider risk and result in fewer claims denials. A trend is fast developing to assign these demanding medical billing and coding related tasks to companies that specialize in

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Mistakes Made in Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding errors are a serious ordeal in the medical world. Mistakes can cause confusion for the physician’s staff, insurance company, and patient. Accuracy is very important in the medical world. Mistakes made in medical billing and coding not only effect the worker, but patients as well. If the person doing a doctor’s medical billing and coding codes the case wrong the insurance company’s system will not pay. It will usually automatically deny the claim. This is a very common problem in medical coding and many blame poor training for errors like these. The medical coding system is so intricate that many who do it daily do not

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Medical Billing Appeal Problems

Medical billing and coding is an exciting medical career many choose to participate in. Though this career is highly rewarding and lucrative, there are problems that you will run into.The most reported problem for those in the medical billing field is denial claims. It is sometimes difficult to get a claim paid at all, much less on time. Sometimes a denial program will help you with such a program and increase your cash flow. is a tool that many in the medical billing and coding field initiate to help them with their billing and collecting. uses the latest technology to help with payer’s denial claims. They help bridge

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