Archive for The Month of December, 2004

Archive for the Month of December, 2004

Welcome to the medical billing blog archive for the month of December, 2004.

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Shocking Medical Billing Survey

An online survey completed this year by Medical Association of Billers showed some interesting stats from the world of medical billing. Responding to the survey were professionals from billing companies, single provider practices, group practices, hospital medical records, hospital outpatient, ambulatory surgery and insurance carrier. The survey results were divided into 6 categories, each representing a geographical region of the nation. For my analysis of the results I have combined each of the stats and divided to come to a national average based upon the results, and a few of those numbers are discussed here. First let me say that Outsource Management Group, LLC. has no interest in the results

Consulting Charges vs. New Patient Visits

I thought I would post these thoughts today; as these billing issues have continued to pop-up frequently. As coders, we know that there are many instances when a Consultation charge would be applicable to bill for a physicians’ service. These codes include 99241-99255 However, time and time again I see this mistake occuring when billing for my own client’s who code their superbills. The OIG has issued many intensified directives when billing illegal Consultation charges. I believe that the best example would be as follows to describe the difference and when to use and when not to use a consultation charge. If Dr. Happy refers a patient to obtain an

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