Archive for the Week of August 21, 2005

Archive for the Week of August 21, 2005

Welcome to the medical billing blog archive for the week of August 21, 2005.

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Pre-certifications In Medical Billing

Pre-certifications In Medical Billing In many cases, a rejected claim by a carrier is due to the pre-certification requirements not being met. Many times, procedures will need to be pre-certified by the carrier prior to services being rendered or the carrier simply will not honor the medical billing claim when it is filed. One way to cut down on your claim rejections, is to have your staff document when they call for a pre-cert when a patient needs a procedure performed.Have your staff fill out a pre-cert form and call about the procedure for the patient and get the date,time, phone number and extension and full name of whomever gave

Outsourcing Your Medical Billing In Utah

Outsourcing Your Medical Billing In Utah If you’re a physician in Utah and you’re thinking about outsourcing your medical billing, you’re making a very wise decision. With the advent of the internet, electronic claims submissions, and secure port to port transmissions, you are no longer only able to use a local Utah medical billing company. In fact, the best vendor for your practice may not even be located in your State! Find out what services your medical billing partner can provide for your offices. Finding the right fit for your practice will go miles towards making you happy with outsourcing your medical billing. Your staff will reap big benefits too.

Medical Billing and Revenue Codes

Medical Billing and Revenue Codes Not all medical billing is generated from physician’s services. Sometimes services are rendered to patients and the medical billing created from those procedures need to be submitted to the various insurance carriers, but they also need three things: a price, a procedure code, and a revenue code. Revenue codes indicate to the type of service that you are billing for; revenue codes are 3-digit codes, and those revenue codes must match up with specific procedure codes to designate what services were rendered. For instance, if you are using a 360 revenue code, you’re stating that the services rendered were performed in the operating room, and

Safety Send Endorsed by AMBA

Safety Send Endorsed by AMBA The American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) has selected Safety Send as the Endorsed Product for Their Members to use for HIPAA Compliance. Safety Send is designed for all levels of medical billing. According to Cyndee Weston, President of AMBA, “We are excited to have found SafetySend as a very affordable solution for our members to comply with the HIPAA security rule. AMBA was formed and is targeted toward providing assistance for small and home based professional medical billers with similar needs, interests and goals. Our members are looking for an affordable and reasonable answer to compliance, both for their practices and for their physician practices.”

What Is The Electronic Claims Submission Process?

What Is The Electronic Claims Submission Process? The reason many physicians don’t outsource their medical billing is that they are unsure of how the Electronic Claims Submission process works. Understanding exactly what happens when the medical billing is sent from your office to the time you are re-reimbursed for your claims will show you how smart making the decision to outsource a lot easier. Your claims are transmitted to the medical billing company via electronic submission or plain old paper medical billing forms. At the medical billing firm, your electronic submissions are received and your paper claims are entered and double checked for errors and then transmitted in batch orders

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