Archive for the Week of November 24, 2013

Archive for the Week of November 24, 2013

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Ready for October 2014? ICD-10 Resources to Help You.

It’s been a long time coming, but I am happy to say that we finally got our new website going this week. As a part of our Provider Resource Center we have compiled a list of ICD-10 resources to assists providers in their preparation for Oct. 2014. The ICD-10 resource list contains links from CMS, AMA and WHO, as well as many other national and regional organizations. We have about 310 days till ICD-10 takes full affect and I am going to bet that very few healthcare professionals are ready. If you haven’t, you should start preparing, check out this list and hopefully it will assist you in better understanding

New Hampshire BCBS Begins Participating with Medicare Part C & D

Medicare is a social health insurance backed and funded by the US federal government for senior citizens and for younger people with disabilities. Originally, beneficiaries of Medicare are provided with funding by the government itself, but with the inclusion of Medicare’s Part C, people can now opt to be covered through a network plan. While third-party health insurance agencies like the New Hampshire Blue Cross and Blue Shield Anthem exist for beneficiaries opting for Medicare’s Part C and D, why would anyone want to choose paying more for something the government offers at a lesser price? Medical Billing and Coding Process: Anyone who has ever been hospitalized and has filed

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