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OMG and Overseas Billing Outsourcing!

I thought this deserved at the very least, a small mention here. We receive emails and phone calls almost daily trying to get us to outsource our billing to some company overseas. It is getting so bad that it seems to me that everyone in India must be sitting in a room somewhere putting data into a computer for probably a very minimal income, while the owners of such companies get rich. I also feel it should be mentioned that we have taken a number of clients who have some serious dissatisfaction with american companies who do outsource overseas. They mentioned complaints of no payment, slow payment and more. My

Published By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P on November 24, 2004

Medical Billing Software, Where To Start?

Have you performed a search lately for medical billing software on Google? It brings up approximately 1.2 million results, now mind you, alot of these sites have nothing to do with medical billing software, and alot of those that do sell the same software. I have no idea how many different types of medical billing software there are, nor do I care because there are only a couple of applications that I would recommend anyway. Those being Medisoft and Medical Manager. These 2 medical billing software applications perform essentially the same functions but with their own flare and various added features, however the prices vary quite a bit depending upon

Published By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P on November 17, 2004

Medical Billing Opportunities

Before you pay for a medical billing at-home business opportunity, please read this. If you are looking for a home-based job using your computer, advertisements for medical billing may be appealing. These ads appear on the Internet and in the classified sections of local newspapers. They often claim that you can make as much as $20,000 to $45,000 a year working from home full – or part-time – no experience required. The Better Business Bureau warns consumers to be careful. By responding to such ads you may be asked to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for software and other materials. Complaints to the BBB about medical billing opportunities allege

Published By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P on November 8, 2004

Abbreviations – Do They Really Save Time?

“In this day and age of accelerated documentation and compliance requirements and pressure to reduce risk exposure, multiple abbreviations and acronyms are used to expedite the required written processes and still provide time for patient care. Unfortunately, clear, correct, concise communication as well as patient safety suffers because of the habitual use of these shortcuts.” As the federal Department of Health and Human Services moves forward with proposed changes in coding systems using SNOMED (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine by the College of American Pathologists) as a standard, habits of abbreviation must change to comply. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and other accreditation bodies are starting to

Published By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P on October 12, 2004

HIPAA Civil Monetary Penalty Extended…

Regulations establishing procedures for the imposition of civil monetary penalties for violations of the privacy, electronic transactions and security rules of HIPAA will remain in place for another year, according to an interim final rule issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The procedural rule was slated to expire, but HHS opted to extend it until Sept. 16, 2005, to “avoid disruption of ongoing enforcement actions” while the agency continues to develop a “more comprehensive enforcement rule,” AHA News Now reported. The interim final rule did not address the 19 comments submitted to HHS in response to the original procedural rule, including those of the American Hospital

Published By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P on October 11, 2004