Client Testimonials and Referrals

Client Testimonials and Referrals

Outsource Management Group, LLC continually strives to deliver the highest level of service and professionalism to each and every client. Numerous clients have commented on this level of professionalism, as well as their resulting increases in revenue.

We have added a few of these resulting testimonials below to show the level of satisfaction that we provide our clients on a daily basis.

When We Made the Decision to Outsource…

When we made the decision to outsource our billing functions, I admit I felt overwhelmed with making the correct decision. Why? Because making the right decision was paramount to maintaining our cash flow, knowing the billing was done correctly and having no idea how to unscramble the eggs if a bad decision was made. After doing a tiny bit of networking, the name of Outsource Management Group (OMG) crossed my desk.

I liked the idea of having a vendor so near and loved the idea of knowing another medical practice in our specialty had used OMG for years and had been very happy. We made the switch within days and it is one of the best decisions our practice has ever made. The principals of OMG could not have made the transition any easier. In fact, I was just shocked how smoothly the transition flowed.

Our physician does some traveling so our patient volume varies. It makes so much business sense to outsource billing and pay as you use them instead of having a fixed billing staff that need to work 40 hours a week, regardless of patient flow. I just regret that we did not make the switch sooner.

Another benefit is that whenever we have a question, we can get an answer in minutes. Our doctor likes to tackle billing codes and he often uses OMG for clarification. We often use OMG for other questions, like whether or not to credential with an insurance company/plan. I could go on but you get the idea.

Nancy – Blmgtn Cardiology

Words Can Not Express How Much…

Words can not express how much you mean to RMA and myself. I feel like we have all become such good friends. I really appreciate all the extra attention you have given these accounts even though you didn’t have to do so.

Your professionalism should be the mold that other companies go by.

Brenda – Office Manager – RMA

Thank You for The Expertise…

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the expertise you provide to our staff, and more importantly to our claims. I had no idea our billing system was so off the mark until we found you. We truly appreciate the substantial increase in paid claims that you have brought to us.

In my honest opinion, your expertise is unparalleled in the industry.

J. L. MD – Indiana Provider

I’d Be Pleased to Consult…

Ms. Clark answered some questions for me in a very prompt, thorough, and honest fashion.

I’d be pleased to consult her in the future.

R. C. Mendel MD, FACS

Client Referrals

Client referrals are always available upon request. As a provider considering outsourcing your revenue cycle to an outside third party, you will most certainly want to speak with current or past clients of that third party billing firm.

Outsource Management Group, LLC provides all interested providers and/or practice managers with the contact information of current or past clients that are practicing within, or closest to your particular specialty.

We firmly believe that a medical billing firm should have nothing to hide and welcome you garnering the comments of our clients.

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As your business partner, OMG becomes a seamless part of the daily function and overall financial health of your practice. We take great pride in continually striving to verify that you’re being reimbursed for everything that you deserve. Contact us today, We will become your partner and guide you to a better bottom line!

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