On-Site Revenue Cycle Consulting Overview

On-Site Revenue Cycle Consulting Services

It’s well known that provider billing and reimbursement is an ever changing environment, providers are constantly looking for assurance that they are being reimbursed the maximum for their services.

Our team is available to any provider or group practice in the United States. During our on-site consultation we will provide you with this assurance through an in-depth analysis of any or all facets of your practice revenue cycle. Our experience has identified a number of key metrics used to determine practice performance and therefore can suggest any areas of improvement.

Our team and revenue cycle solutions are an industry standard for revenue cycle improvement. Through our consulting services you have access to our proven solutions, which optimize performance and deliver a predictable revenue gain, while increasing other areas such as patient, provider and staff satisfaction.

No two healthcare providers or medical practices are the same, therefore we designed our on-site consulting services to be adaptive and ultimately unique to each provider. Some of the areas of expertise that our team specializes in are:

  • Appropriateness of HCPCS, CPT and ICD-9 coding
  • Bench-marking of third-party payers
  • Charge capture – appeals, right-offs, etc.
  • Fee schedule analysis – appropriateness
  • Review of accounts receivables
  • Review of available services
  • Review of financial systems
  • and more or less based on individual needs.

Outsource Management Group, LLC is dedicated to every patients privacy rights and are fully compliant with all HIPAA rules and regulations. Read our complete corporate HIPAA policy.

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As your revenue cycle partner, OMG analyzes the daily function and overall financial health of your practice. We take great pride in continually striving to verify that you’re claims are being coded properly and you’re being reimbursed for everything that you deserve. Contact us today, We will become your partner and assist you to a better bottom line!

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