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With 625,924 Medicare beneficiaries in Oklahoma as of 2012, physicians in the state ought to become familiar with the nuances of the required billing and coding. Procedures and services rendered by doctors must be properly coded when filing claims for reimbursement, and this coding is the responsibility of healthcare providers.

The coding system employed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reflects the nature of treatment and care given to beneficiaries, and plays a large part in determining the reimbursement given to physicians. These codes are updated yearly to accommodate changes in available medical treatments, and the latest versions, as well as guidelines on how to use them, can be found on the CMS website. The American Medical Association and specialty societies also provide guidelines to keep their members abreast of developments.

While Medicare is a federal program, decisions about what services are covered are often under Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) made by contractors in a certain area. This means that items and services covered by the program may vary considerably between states. In Oklahoma, there are currently five active LCDs that cover hospital insurance, medical insurance, home health and hospice care, and medical equipment and prescription drugs. Novitas Solutions Inc., Palmetto GBA, and CGS Administrators, LLC. When in doubt about what the local coverage determination policy covers in the state or the proper coding to use, these contractors may be contacted for information.

There is a lot of pressure on physicians who make claims from the program to code their services correctly. Fraud penalties are heavy, and a coding mistake does not need to be intentional to be deemed as fraudulent by the CMS or local contractors. While upcoding (billing for services that were not rendered, unnecessary, or less extensive than the claimant states) is obviously wrong, undercoding, whether deliberate or accidental, should also be avoided.

Undercoding may cause cost a practice thousands of dollars in a year. The inaccuracy in documentation involved can also harm patients, as it will permanently become part of their medical history and may possibly affect their treatment in the future. And in addition to that, frequent cases of undercoding believed to be just as likely as upcoding to send up red flags that scream ‘fraud!’

The bottom line here is that physicians who treat beneficiaries must keep themselves informed of the coding and billing policies, both national and local, so as to be able to provide the best care for their patients and be provided with the proper compensation for doing so. Documentation is also necessary, as it will bolster claims made for reimbursement by proving that services given were indeed necessary for a patient’s well-being.

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