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Our medical billing & coding services are provided to practicing providers and groups in Michigan by utilizing the latest in information transfer technology!

The medical billing company you choose to handle your medical billing and management functions should be experts at what they do, and more importantly, experts at increasing provider revenue… not just a company that is close to your practice in Michigan, but someone who genuinely cares about you, your revenue and your practice.

With successful and satisfied clients all over the United States… the medical billing company that most successful Michigan Providers choose is Outsource Management Group, LLC.

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In Michigan one of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations is known as the Blue Care Network or BCN. The BCN provider portal has many useful links and tools so that a provider or providers’ office need not get tied up on the phones to gain information, but rather the provider or staff can go directly to the BCN Networks Provider Portal and have quick and easy access to much needed information on a number of topics.

Many changes are on the horizon with the pending implementation of ICD-10. BCN’s provider portal has many useful tools and resources to help providers with this big upcoming change. Beginning October 1st, 2014, all HIPAA covered entities must use the new ICD-10 code sets. The current ICD-9 code sets are widely viewed as outdated due to their limited ability to accommodate new procedures and diagnoses.

ICD-10 incorporates greater specificity of codes with more clinical information contained in the codes and updated terminology. Use of ICD-10 will improve the ability to measure health care services, enhance the ability to monitor the populations health, provide better overall data and decrease the need for supporting documentation needed when submitting claims.

Here are the facts about ICD-10 as published by BCN. Beginning October 1st, 2014
all health care entities must use ICD-10 codes on all HIPAA transactions which includes, diagnoses codes (ICD-10) used by all providers in every health care se4tting and procedure codes (ICD-10-PCS) only used for hospital claims and in patient hospital procedures.

The mandate does not affect the use of CPT or HCPC’s codes, physician claims for in-patient services will continue to report CPT and HCPC’s codes. The main differences in the ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes is that ICD-10 codes differ in the length and structure from ICD-9 codes. The ICD-10 codes also contain more detail about conditions, injuries and illness. ICD-10 codes include the concept of laterality and use combination codes to describe conditions and associated symptoms and use updated language and terminology.

There are approximately 17,000 ICD-9 codes now and with the implementation of ICD-10 that number is set to jump to 150,000 codes. As you can see, it is very important to determine how the impact that this change might effect your practice and BCN is certainly doing it’s part to assist providers in the learning process curve. Most importantly if you haven’t already started to prepare for ICD-10, now is the time to start!

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