Archive for The Month of August, 2005

Archive for the Month of August, 2005

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CPT Code 99211 In Medical Billing

CPT Code 99211 In Medical Billing Understanding when to use CPT code 99211 on your medical billing can boost your practice’s revenue and improve documentation which will result in greater returns on your reimbursements. Qualifying for 99211 service on your medical billing is not too hard, the patient simply must be established, and an E/M service must be provided. Additionally, the service must be separate from other services performed on the same date and neither the presence of a physician nor any documentation of key components are required as part of the documentation for the medical billing. Another use for Code 99211 is patient education, simple rechecks, medication reviews and

ICD-9 Coding Accuracy In Your Medical Billing

ICD-9 Coding Accuracy In Your Medical Billing When you talk about the procedures you do and services you perform for your patients, you have words to describe what you did: patient eval, Pap smear, sinusitis. When third-party payers examine and refer to the work you do, it’s simply broken down into numbers. Almost every medical condition, service and supply can be identified by a numeric code, primarily because Medicare and other third-party payers require numeric coding on claim forms. They set the payment rules, based on these codes so the proper coding must be used so your practice can be reimbursed for your services. It’s not easy to being fluent

Top Five Types of Service Most Frequently Appealed

Top Five Types of Service Most Frequently Appealed A recent study conducted by Medicare showed that the top five types of services submitted on medical billing forms for payment fell under the following five catagories. Evaluation and Management – 99200-99499;Pathology & Laboratory – 80000-89399,G0001,P0000-P9999;Radiology – 70000-79999, G0130-G0133, G0236;Ambulance – A0000-A0999;Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment – 98940-98943.Most of these claims were submitted directly by physicians’ offices and not by medical billing firms. As you are aware, evaluation and management, pathology and laboratory and radiology services are all high volume procedures but with the levels frequency for these procedures the medical billing should be able to be more streamlined for most offices. Your medical

To Ask About Electronic Medical Records Software

Important Questions To Ask About Electronic Medical Records Software If you’re a private physician, you have probably looked at more electronic medical records (EMR) programs than you care to remember. When looking at EMRs there are a number of questions you should ask: What is the licensing of this product? Meaning do you have to pay every time you load it on a computer in your office; so you and your secretary and office manager can all handle billing?. Some companies have a site license for which you can put your EMR software on a number of PC’s in your office without restrictions on program users. Other software is sold

Changes In The Medical Billing World for July 2005

Changes In The Medical Billing World for July 2005 In July 2005, for many states, there was a 2% rate increase in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech/Language Pathology. As of July 1, 2005 the provider is responsible for submitting the correct charges for dates of service on or after July 1, 2005. If you have submitted medical billing claims before notification of this increase (if it applies in your state),you must submit an adjusted medical billing claim to receive the new rate. Additionally, Colorado Home Health and Home and Community Based Services Providers as of July 1, 2005, may no longer submit claims for HCBS services under their Home

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