Archive for The Day of September 6th, 2005

Archive for the Day of September 6th, 2005

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Using 92552 Correctly To Avoid Fraud Charges

Using 92552 Correctly To Avoid Fraud Charges Medical billing companies for audiology practices have long struggled over when to use the cpt codes 92552 versus 92551. 92551 means: screening test, pure tone, air only. 92552 means, pure tone audiometry (threshold); air only. You may be thinking, “What’s the difference?”. By definition, the difference between the two cpt codes is slight, but when medically billing these codes, it is huge. To avoid fraudulent charges, correct billing of 92552 is necessary. First we will begin with what it means to use 92551 in medical billing. Simply put, an audiologist places headphones on a patient. Then the doctor sets the machine at a

How Can Medical Billing Benefit Your Practice?

How Can OMG Medical Billing Benefit Your Practice? Medical billing is a complicated process, that if not done correctly, can lead to a loss of revenue and underpayment. Outsourcing medical billing can help eliminate some of these losses. There are several benefits to using a medical billing company. It has been said that 30% of all medical services are never reimbursed to the health care provider. This is due to poor follow-up to insurance companies and to patients themselves for medical practices. Too often, medical office personnel are stretched to their limits. They are responsible for medical billing, advertising, scheduling, and customer service. Medical billing companies can alleviate some of

Top Medical Billing Claim Submission Errors

Top Medical Billing Claim Submission Errors If you’ve only been doing medical billing for a short period of time or you’re an old hat at it, you know that handling Medicare medical billing claims can be tricky. A recent study from Medicare identified the top medical billing claim submission errors and addressed them. Most of these are due to medical billing claims being filed in house in the physician’s office direct to Medicare. If a physician outsources their medical billing, they will see their rejection and denial rate drop to less than 1% in most cases. Homebound patients make up a large part of Medicare claims and the simple lab

How is Medical Coding Different From Medical Billing?

How is Medical Coding Different From Medical Billing? Although the words medical billing and medical coding sound to be one-in-the-same, there are some integral differences that distinguish the two tasks from each other. When examining the differences between medical billing and medical coding, it is first important to understand what the two actually are. Medical billing is the process of submitting insurance claims forms from medical providers to insurance companies. In turn, healthcare providers get paid for their services rendered. A medical biller executes this plan. They know the ins and outs of basic insurance coverage and are the people who make sure healthcare providers get paid. This can be

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