Archive for The Day of October 6th, 2005

Archive for the Day of October 6th, 2005

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The Three R’s Of Radiology Medical Coding

The Three R’s Of Radiology Medical Coding When performing medical billing for radiology it is important to remember the three R’s. To ensure your radiology claims will be processed accurately and without delay, there are three elements that should be included with your medical billing: request, render, report. The first medical billing R for radiology is request. This means a physician has requested the opinion of a radiologist. This must be a formal request and needs to be written down in the patient’s record. If this is in a hospital setting, the request can be in the medical record, progress note, or a completely separate written request. The second element

Proper Coding Of Arterial Stent Avoids Audits

Proper Coding Of Arterial Stent Avoids Audits A medical billing audit on arterial stents could highlight your coding errors. It is important when billing to provide the most accurate and up to date medical coding possible. To ensure all medical payments are correct, proper arterial stent billing is necessary. Recently, the HHS Office of Inspector General did an audit for claims processed in 2002 for arterial stents. These medical billing claims were all from Texas providers processed by the contractor called Trailblazer Health Enterprises, LLC. Out of seventy two arterial stent bills, twenty of them were incorrectly processed by Medicare. This billing resulted in a medical over payment of over

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