Archive for The Day of October 7th, 2005

Archive for the Day of October 7th, 2005

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Medicare Still Unsure On Coding For Prostrate

Medicare Still Unsure On Coding For Prostate Screening The Medicare medical billing dilemma about prostate screening coverage is still a heated issue. Almost all preventative care in the past was not covered by Medicare. Recently, they decided to allow billing for medical prostate cancer screening charges. The problem is that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services never removed V76.44 (Special screening for malignant neoplasms of the prostate) from the non-covered codes list. This medical billing problems has brought much confusion to the medical world. Many medical billing personnel have become confused by this conflicting new rule. As the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have it now, the current

Watch Your Upper Payment Limits Or You Could Be Responsible For Refunds

When receiving medical payments after billing, it is important to make sure the upper payment limit is accurate. If the upper payment limit is too high, you may end up having to refund Medicaid or Medicare. North Carolina is currently going through this medical billing upper payment limit problem. In North Carolina, the Office of Inspector General did an audit and found that in 2003, the state was miscalculating inpatient payments. Apparently, when doing medical billing, they began figuring the upper payment limit by taking Medicaid charges changed to costs. They were supposed to figure the medical billing limit by using the hospital’s recent cost reports. The result was a

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