Archive for The Day of February 21st, 2006

Archive for the Day of February 21st, 2006

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History of Medical Billing Therapy Caps

History of Medical Billing Therapy Caps The issue of therapy caps is not a new topic in medical billing. The on again, off again nature of therapy caps has left medical billing staff members spinning. To fully understand the reasons for these limits, it is important to understand the history. Looking back into the history of therapy cap medical billing can give us a glimpse into the future. Perhaps the first introduction of therapy caps was in 1997. This is when Medicare implemented outpatient therapy caps in the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. However, like any other medical billing policy, there are always exceptions. Certain providers and beneficiaries were protected

New Medical Billing Updates

New Medical Billing Updates New medical billing changes grace the therapy scene once again. Medicare part A services for therapy were recently implemented on February 06, 2006. The associated hospital services (AHS) released guideline explanations to help Providers understand the new therapy changes. The AHS is a Hospice and Home Health Intermediary for Medicare. If your practice handles therapy issues, pay attention to these medical billing changes. In therapy medical billing there are modifiers (GP, GO, and GN), revenue codes (42X, 43X, and 44X), and wound care service CPT codes (97602, 97605, 97606, 97597, and 97598). Of the modifiers and codes listed , providers of the outpatient perspective payment system

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