Archive for The Day of March 1st, 2006

Archive for the Day of March 1st, 2006

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Checklist to Detect Fraudulent Insurance Medical Billing

Checklist to Detect Fraudulent Insurance Medical Billing Medical billing fraud is rampant in America. Now there is a new form of this type of fraud. Instead of consumers taking advantage of insurance companies, insurance companies are now taking advantage of small businesses. Fraudulent insurance companies are putting a new spin on medical billing fraud. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is currently providing a checklist to distinguish fraudulent insurance plans from legitimate ones. Sometimes small businesses don’t have the resources or the money to investigate possible insurance companies. This checklist provides a quick way to filter possible insurance scams. Like any other issue in medical billing you should always use

Medical Billing Exceptions Are Put In Place

Medical Billing Exceptions Are Put In Place Shortly after the deficit reduction medical billing act was signed, Medicare created and exception process. February 8, 2006 marked a day that will go down in history for physical therapy. It was the day therapy that caps were installed for Medicare beneficiaries. To combat this, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services created exceptions for this medical billing legislation. The magic number for therapy medical billing is $1740. The deficit reduction act says that no one can get therapy over $1,740.00 a year. However, Medicare has made some exceptions to this rule. There are some people who will automatically fall under the exceptions

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