Archive for The Day of April 12th, 2006

Archive for the Day of April 12th, 2006

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The Controversy about 99058

In the latest revision for 2006, CPT has revised one code (99050) for after hours services performed by physicians and hospitals and added several more codes to designate specific times and places of services rendered. There is one code in the new listing, that is already causing some controversy as to when it is the proper time to use. It is 99058 and it is Schedule Disruption” due to an emergency situation. By the very nature of health care, there are many emergency situations and the code caused confusion from its debut. The AMA has amended the definition to mean that an emergency is defined by any event that disrupts

About 99053 and 99058 for your Medical Billing

There are new codes issued in the CPT 2006 that specifically designate after hours and red-eye services for procedures done by physicians outside the normal hours. Previously when compiling the medical coding for medical billing, a coder would have used 99050 as a “catch-all” coding. Now CPT has revised the original code and added new codes. 99053 is ” “for services between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. in 24-hour facilities,” and will be used by both physicians on call and hospitals. Please note that code 99053’s wording to include “24-hour facility” will put a new limitation on using late night service codes. Previously a coder would have simply used 99052

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