Archive for The Day of June 22nd, 2006

Archive for the Day of June 22nd, 2006

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Medical Billing a Healthy Part of Modern Medicine

Medical billing is the practical management aspect of medicine and the way the healthcare provider gets paid. Without a good medical billing and coding foundation to base the billing of a practice on, the practice will cease to exist from lack of revenue. In legalese, the “face-to-face contact between healthcare professional and an eligible beneficiary” is known as “an encounter.” For every such “encounter,” there is a specific code. These codes exist for the sole purpose of identifying for the payer what they are paying for. The services rendered codes (CPT) must match the diagnosis code (ICD) for the payment to be deemed necessary and just. CPT medical coding books

Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Billing

In a busy practice, the attending physicians have no time to compile their own medical billing. Keeping up the with lightening fast coding changes is hard enough without keeping up with the necessary documentation, making judgment calls on complex issues and then coding and compiling a superbill for each and every patient seen. This sounds overwhelming and time consuming and in the early days of many a practice, many physicians did do their own medical billing. Good practices grow and soon the doctor had hired someone to take care of paperwork and submission of all their medical billing claims. This person is usually called a PA or physician assistants. It

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