Archive for The Day of June 23rd, 2006

Archive for the Day of June 23rd, 2006

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Thinking about a Career in Medical Billing?

Doctors are very busy these days treating patients in their offices, attending to surgeries, making their hospital rounds and answering important phone calls. They simply do not have the time to attend to the financial aspects of running a medical practice. Aside from nurses, receptionists, physician’s assistants and technicians every well-trained staff has at its core key people specifically designated to medical coding and billing. It shouldn’t be a surprise that there is an explosion of career opportunities in medical coding and billing. Estimates chart the growth of medical billing and coding careers at over 65% within the year 2005. This surging demand for specialists in this area accounts for

If You’re Considering Hiring a Medical Billing Consultant

Physicians who need help managing billing in their offices may want to consider a company that specializes in medical billing consulting. Medical billing services help doctors get paid from insurance companies. But medical billing consultants often go a step further, and help doctors manage all their finances, from billing, to accounts receivable, to collections. Some medical billing consulting services work on-site as part of the practice management team. Others work off-site and only come into the office as needed to analyze what needs to be done. Many help to train employees to better handle billing, coding and reimbursement issues. They may also help to analyze workflow in doctors’ offices, to

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