Archive for The Day of February 16th, 2007

Archive for the Day of February 16th, 2007

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In Medical Billing, Partners are Valuable Assets

Did you know your medical billing partner can be counted among your most valuable business assets? Customer service and health care are also very important aspects of your practice, however, medical billing is the core of the business. You should know at all times that people responsible for the core of your business can be trusted. Knowing your medical billing staff members is imperative to your success. Medical coding and billing is an extremely skilled practice. When you outsource your medical billing claims, you have to have confidence that your medical billing partner will check the coding, put the medical documentation in order, make notations where needed and submit your

Understanding Observation Medical Billing

A common problem many medical billing professionals face is how to handle observation related medical billing claims. The basic rule is that the patient must be in observation for a minimum of 8-hours to qualify for medical billing for observation stays. In the situation where you have a patient that was admitted and stayed less than eight hours and was released and then re-admitted less than eight hours later, is to use the observation as one day but not the same day as the discharge. CPT codes 99218-99220 and 99217. For handling an observation stay that includes an admission and discharge on the same date, you would not use 99218-99220

Nurses Help Hospital Medical Billing Bottom Lines

You already knew that nurses were important to your patient’s health care, but did you know they also help your medical billing reimbursement bottom line? Although there would be increased hours for the nurses, it would not mean more medical billing cost to you. Extra nurse hours would mean improved medical billing reimbursement for your hospital. A recent study done shows that a nurse care could reduce patient deaths by 6700 per year. Not only would patient deaths decrease per year, but the number of hospital days would decrease by 4 million as well. You may think that less hospital days would mean less medical billing reimbursement. However, that is

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