Archive for The Day of April 5th, 2007

Archive for the Day of April 5th, 2007

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Understanding Review of Systems In Your Medical Billing

Combining history of present illness and review of systems is possible when doing medical billing. Many medical billers think this practice is breaking a rule or impossible. However, documenting an element once to account for HPI and ROS is perfectly legal when done correctly. The CMS states that physicians absolutely do not need to document an element two times just so the person performing medical billing knows it is meant to be used both for review of systems and history of present illness. It is perfectly acceptable to use an element for both. The only time an element cannot be used twice is when you attempt to use it in

Medical Necessity Can Make or Break Your Claim

Along with documentation, medical necessity is one of the most important parts of medical billing. You tell exactly how the procedure was performed, be sure to meet the criteria for medical necessity of the procedure by telling why the procedure needed to be performed. It used to be that Medicare was the only payer that cared what ICD-9 code was used. Now all payers, including insurance companies, are looking for any reason not to pay the bill or at least delay it. ICD-9 codes have become the target for close scrutiny. ICD-9 codes range anywhere from a three-digit code to a five-digit code. Obviously, a five digit code is more

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