Archive for The Month of March, 2009

Archive for the Month of March, 2009

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New HCPCS Medical Billing Tool

Your practice should know where to look for medical billing changes each year. When dealing with HCPCS consolidated billing, many billers become confused about what codes are excluded from this type of billing. Before allowing your staff members to do medical billing, be sure they know where to look for answers to their coding questions. The source to find consolidated HCPCS medical billing codes is no longer in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Skilled Nursing Facility Help File. Since September 25, 2005, CMS has tried to steer medical billing staff members away from this file. Now, however, it is more important to do so. A new website has

Watch Out for New Medical Billing DNA Test

Keeping current with your medical billing codes could help your lab succeed. New tests and lab works are developed each and every year. Some of these new tests have a positive impact on your medical billing, while others have no impact at all. A new test call Fluorescence Chain Reaction (FCR) may have an extremely positive impact on your medical billing. Fluorescence Chain Reaction is a brand new lab test that checks human DNA. The amazing aspect of this test is the short amount of time needed to retrieve results. This method takes less than five minutes to produce accurate information. Although insurance payers may be more familiar with the

Medical Billing with 59025

Using the medical billing code 59025 can be a sticky situation. This is an example of a current procedural terminology code that is often misused in medical billing offices. There are certain instances when the code 59025 is appropriate, and other times it is not appropriate in medical billing. The medical billing code 59025 means fetal non-stress test. A non-stress test is used to detect accelerations in the fetal heart rate over a 20-40 minute window. If no accelerations are found, the physician uses instruments to stimulate the baby or wake the baby up into a moving state. To be considered a true non-stress test in medical billing, these elements,

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