Archive for The Day of April 3rd, 2017

Archive for the Day of April 3rd, 2017

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Seven Steps to Correctly Code Surgeries

It’s all in how you dissect the operative report. Many coders struggle with coding operative reports because there are so many guidelines and policies that affect code selection. The process is easier when you break it into seven steps: Review the header of the report. Review the CPT® codebook (start in the Index). Review the report/documentation. Make a preliminary code selection. Review the guidelines (for the preliminary codes). Review policies and eliminate the extras. Add any needed modifiers. These seven steps will ensure all the factors that may affect code selection are accounted. Let’s look at an example, and walk through the steps together. Step 1 Review the Header of the

Proper reporting of modifier 99 gets claims paid

Modifier 99 Multiple modifiers doesn’t get a lot of attention — maybe because it’s rarely needed — but knowing when to apply it can make the difference in getting a claim paid. Refer to CPT® Guidance Appendix A — Modifiers tells us: Under certain circumstances 2 or more modifiers may be necessary to completely delineate a service. In such situations modifier 99 should be added to the basic procedure, and other applicable modifiers may be listed as part of the description of the service. In practice, call on modifier 99 only if a single line item requires five or more modifiers. The reason is the standard 1500 Health Insurance Claim

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