Archive for The Day of July 6th, 2017

Archive for the Day of July 6th, 2017

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EHR Use Negatively Impacts Patient-Provider Relationship

A recent study by Pelland et al. found that while EHR use may reduce medical errors, the technology is also shown to complicate the patient-provider relationship. Researchers at Brown University performed a qualitative analysis of comments submitted to a 2014 Rhode Island Health Information Technology survey to gain insight into physicians’ personal experiences with EHR systems. Both office- and hospital-based physicians in Rhode Island submitted responses describing their perceptions of the impact of EHR technology on patient-physician interactions. Responses from hospital-based physicians were measured against the opinions of office-based physicians for contrast. While both hospital-based physicians and office-based physicians voiced concerns regarding the effect of EHRs on patient-provider interactions, the

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