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Offering Medical Billing in New Jersey

Offering Medical Billing in New Jersey

Offering Medical Billing in New Jersey

Are you a health care provider in New Jersey, looking to outsource your Medical Billing? Look no further! With our experience and expertise, we can meet all your Medical Billing needs.

Because we service New Jersey health care providers, we are familiar with New Jersey state requirements for filing insurance, Medicaid and Medicare claims forms. That means you do not need to worry about costly coding, filing, or data-entry errors that can increase turn-around time on your reimbursements.

Concerned about HIPAA Compliance? Don’t be. When you allow us to meet all your Medical Billing needs, you can rest assured that we are under the same obligations to protect PHI as you are, and we follow strict adherence to all state and federal laws.

What advantages can outsourcing your Medical Billing offer your New Jersey practice? According to the American Medical Association, each paper claim your practice files costs $7-$13. In addition, filing your own claims cost you time and employee hours, in addition to the cost of the necessary software.

When you outsource, you no longer have to worry about costly data-entry errors or incorrect coding. Our experienced staff stays current on AMA coding changes so you don’t have to. The benefits to your New Jersey practice include decreased turn-around time, increased cash flow, and more hours to devote to patient care.

So why wait another day to discover the benefits of Outsourcing your Medical Billing to an experienced company serving the New Jersey area? We’ll show you how to get started, so all the benefits of outsourcing can be yours.

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