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The First Part of Medical Billing: Medical Coding

The First Part of Medical Billing: Medical Coding

The First Part of Medical Billing: Medical Coding

Many people think medical coding and medical billing are the same thing, as you in the industry know, they are part of the same process but are very different.

Medical coding is where it begins, the services are rendered and the standardized insurance codes that correspond to that service are recorded on a medical billing form. The codes can be changed/added to/or removed many times in one year and if an outdated code is used, it can cause your medical billing claim to be rejected. If incorrect coding or under/over coding is used, you can be setting yourself up for an audit.

Your medical billing partner is well versed and keeps up with the past paced world of medical coding. The Medical Coding specialists stay up to date and all have their CCS-P and/or CCS credentials. This insures the proper ICD-9, CPT, and/or HCPCS codes derived from your medical records and reports from your practice which insures a fast reimbursement on your claims.

Periodically, your medical billing partner will analyze your medical records and previous coding to make sure you are on the right track and to help you avoid an audit of your practice and coding procedures. This proactive measure by your medical billing partner can save you a lot of time and grief.

The simple criteria above performed by your medical billing partner can save your practice an enormous amount of time from the paper chase that coding can quickly become for your staff. If you’re not already outsourcing your coding, think about it and see the benefits it can give your practice.

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