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What Is The Electronic Claims Submission Process?

What Is The Electronic Claims Submission Process?

What Is The Electronic Claims Submission Process?

The reason many physicians don’t outsource their medical billing is that they are unsure of how the Electronic Claims Submission process works. Understanding exactly what happens when the medical billing is sent from your office to the time you are re-reimbursed for your claims will show you how smart making the decision to outsource a lot easier.

Your claims are transmitted to the medical billing company via electronic submission or plain old paper medical billing forms. At the medical billing firm, your electronic submissions are received and your paper claims are entered and double checked for errors and then transmitted in batch orders to a clearing house or direct to carrier, whichever is the fastest way. Through experience, the medical billing company knows which is the best value option for your reimbursement claims. All claims, no matter where sent, are sent via encrypted secure server.

Using a clearinghouse is a good step in catching the occasional medical billing coding error that might slip by all the checks and balances in place, because a clearinghouse will automatically alert any claims that may need a closer look. Both the carrier and clearinghouse will send a notice of receipt of medical billing claim so the claims can be tracked.

You should receive a reimbursement check along with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) in about 2 weeks. Now that’s a reason to outsource your medical billing right there! Normally, in house handled claims average 30-45 days to reimbursement, imagine if you could be receiving your checks in half that time?

With the ease of use, tracking claims and fast reimbursements; you can’t go wrong outsourcing your claims.

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