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Medical Billing For Multiple Same Day ED Visits

Medical Billing For Multiple Same Day ED Visits

Medical Billing For Multiple Same Day ED Visits

Double-dipping is a medical billing myth that is costing many physicians money each year. This double-dipping myth directly relates to a patient having two emergency department visits on the same day. Here I will try to discredit that medical billing myth.

The medical billing double-dipping myth states that one physician statement should account for two elements. In the case of an emergency department visit, it means that one physician statement should apply towards two visits on the same day, even if they were at separate times. This should not be the case. If a patient is seen in the emergency department on two separate occasions, both physician statements should be credited when dong medical billing.

Many medical billing personnel have begun downgrading 99284 claims to 99283. Less money is allowed for 99283. This means physicians have been losing revenue due to incorrect medical billing practices. This incorrect ideology has led many medical billing auditors to follow suit. Auditors have incorrectly asked for over payment on correct emergency department claims.

Using a medical billing company do handle claims can cut down on these under payment issues. The personnel at medical billing firms are versed in the correct procedures and protocol for this very situation. They are determined to prevent your practice from losing money due to medical billing. Since they deal with these issues every day, they will more then likely, handle this situation better then your own office personnel.

Other benefits to outsourcing your medical billing to an outside firm include the reduction in salary, vacation, and sick day expenses. Since less man hours would be needed for your practice to complete the same tasks, you save money.

Make sure your medical billing is correct when submitting for same day emergency department visits. Double-dipping is a myth and your medical billing should reflect that.

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