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Demonstrating Medical Necessity For Foot Orthotics

Demonstrating Medical Necessity For Foot Orthotics

Demonstrating Medical Necessity For Foot Orthotics

Along with medical a billing claim, many insurance companies require a letter of medical necessity to be sent along with the claim for orthotics. A letter of medical necessity could mean the difference between getting your claim paid or getting it denied. The letter of medical necessity for orthotics needs to have several elements to be sent along with a medical billing.

The first necessary element of an orthotic letter of medical necessity is patient information. Along with the medical billing, the letter of medical necessity should always include the patient’s name, insurance information, and date of birth. This section should also include the patient’s diagnosis and treatments already tried. You should also note what will be tried if the orthotics do not work. This will prepare the payer for future medical billings.

One tip that will make medical billing simpler for foot orthotics is to be prepared. This means, any time you provide durable medical equipment to a patient, write out a letter of medical necessity right away. It wastes everyone’s time if the insurance company has to request the information. The medical billing process goes much smoother if preparation is part of your strategy.

The key to proving medical necessity for foot orthotics is to be simple, yet thorough in your explanation. Insurance companies want to see enough information to make a decision on the medical billing, but not too much that they lose the point.

It is important that the staff members that handle your letters of medical necessity are trustworthy. You have two options. You can appoint an existing medical billing personnel to follow through with letters of medical necessity, or you could hire a medical billing firm to handle the responsibilities. A medical billing firm would alleviate your practice of the time-consuming job writing letters of medical necessity can be.

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