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Why Proper Coding is so Important to Medical Billing

Why Proper Coding is so Important to Medical Billing

Why Proper Coding is so Important to Medical Billing

Correct coding is the essence of proper medical billing. Without correct coding, claims would never be paid. There are several ways to ensure your medical billing claims always get sent with accurate information.

One way to ensure your practice has correct medical billing is to make sure you personnel are properly trained. Hiring the correct staff members can be key. A perfect coder would be one that has specific medical coding experience. This could be through a medical organization such as the American Association of Medical Billers. Another great organization is the Association of Registered Professionals. After they complete the medical billing training, the staff members can sit for certain certification exams. The best medical billing personnel are the ones that are certified.

Another way to ensure proper coding in medical billing is to keep your coding books up to date. ICD-9 and CPT codes change frequently. New diagnoses are found all the time. There have to be new codes to keep up with this new research. This happens with procedures as well. As medicine advances, so do the codes that reflect those treatments. Be sure your medical billing coding books are kept current because incorrect codes could mean an unnecessary denial.

Probably the best and most cost effective way of ensuring proper coding is to hire an outside medical billing firm. These firms will make sure your claims are submitted accurately and reimbursed accurately. They do the proper follow up and are kept current on certifications and training. By using a medical billing firm you are relieving your practice of training responsibilities for billing and transferring it onto someone else.

Medical practices could not survive without a great medical billing/coding team. Coding should not be taken lightly. It is the absolute essence of reimbursement for service. In medical billing, coding is the most important element.

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