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Medical Billing Bounty Hunters are your Friends

Medical Billing Bounty Hunters are your Friends

Medical Billing Bounty Hunters are your Friends

We all know overpayments are a problem in the medical billing field, but what about the underpayments. Underpayments hinder medical practices much more than overpayments. Medical billing overpayments only get the spotlight because the federal government has something to loose if they overpay a medical practice. Now, however, underpayments are getting the attention they deserve from the United States.

Currently, there is a recovery audit contract demonstration project in affect. This project is designed to improve the accuracy and quality of medical billing. During the project, if the auditors found a medical billing overpayment, they would get a percentage of that amount as a bounty hunter reward. However, there was no incentive for underpayment discoveries.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services wants to put an end to that double standard. Recently, the Recovery audit contract team met to make plans for medical billing underpayment incentives. This plan will be a three year project and has already begun. The two states that will start the medical billing trial are Florida, New York, and California.

Now, more than ever, you should be watching your medical billing like a hawk. With medical billing fraud being so prevalent in the country, there is virtually no more room for error. A simple mistake could cost your practice, and the country large amounts of money. Be sure your medical billing staff are trusted individuals who understand the importance of accuracy and confidentiality. The most important members of your practice are the medical billing staff members. If they cannot be trusted, hire an outside medical billing form to do your claim responsibilities. Either way, your practice will be held accountable for every claim that passes through the doors. Be sure you have educated individuals dedicated to your medical billing.

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