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Wireless Charge Capture Improves Medical Billing

Wireless Charge Capture Improves Medical Billing

Wireless Charge Capture Improves Medical Billing

New mobile technology is rocking the medical billing world. A new mobile application system called PatientKeeper Charge Capture is making the world a little easier for the Hebrew Rehabilitation center. This new system has quickly exceeded the hospital’s expectations, mobile devices are quickly becoming the wave of the future in medical building.

There are many advances in technology that do little to affect the medical billing world. Mobile technology is different. The Hebrew rehabilitation center recently introduced new mobile technology to its hospital called the PatientKeeper Charge Capture. This new system has improved medical billing in many ways.

One of the main benefits of the new medical billing system is the lag time reduction from service to charge. With PatientKeeper Charge Capture, the lag time is less than 24 HRS. This means much quicker revenue and medical billing reimbursement for the facility.

Not only does the medical billing system decrease lag time, but it also improves medical billing accuracy as well. It has a rule checking system which is specific to each physicians specialty. This means that it can identify when charges and elements are missing and it can also see if the charges out of place. The PatientKeeper Charge Capture also eliminates the need to transcribe charges from physicians notes to medical billing papers. This severely decreases human error.

At the Hebrew Rehabilitation center, the administration has seen over $6 million in accurate and successful charges. As a matter of fact, their return on investment has succeeded their expectations immensely. As time goes on, medical billing systems such as PatientKeeper Charge Capture will more than likely begin popping up all over the country. The PatientKeeper Charge Capture mobile device system saves time, money, and medical billing hassle for everyone involved in an organization.

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