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Decertification Could Cost You Big in Medical Billing

Decertification Could Cost You Big in Medical Billing

Keep accurate medical billing and policy practices to ensure your facility’s success. Certification is a necessity tool if you run a Hospice. If you happened to lose that certification for any reason, you would lose out on a lot of revenue. Just ask VistaCare how much they have lost in medical billing since being decertified in October.

VistaCare Inc. is a Hospice care facility that was decertified in the two cities of Indianapolis and Terre Haute in October. Since then, they have attempted to assist over 100 patients without pay. Medical billing has been put on hold while they figure out a solution. The solution to the VistaCare Inc. problem will be the sharing of a provider number. The Bloomington location was not decertified, so both Indianapolis and Bloomington will now work under the same medical billing number.

This has been a mess for VistaCare and their accounting department. Apparently they claim to have lost over $5.1 million in quarterly revenues. It just goes to show you that if your medical billing is not allowed to work properly, than you will lose tons of money.

Certification is the key to your success. This means that you must have reliable staff members in your medical billing, sales, customer service, and care departments to run your facility. Anything that could cost you your certification could cost you millions of dollars a year in revenue from medical billing.

To ensure your medical billing department is up to par, outsource that responsibility to a firm dedicated to claims. You could also have a medical billing firm come and do consultant work. This would show you if you are as profitable as possible. Just be sure to keep yourself surrounded by honest people and your medical billing will fall into place.

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