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How Can Physician Credentialing Benefit Your Practice?

How Can Physician Credentialing Benefit Your Practice?

Did you think your medical billing partner only handled your coding and medical billing claims? Another service we provide is physician credentialing.

You have a busy practice and your staff is just as busy servicing your patients and answering the phones. You really don’t have time these days to fill out yes another form to get yourself credentialed to do business with yet another insurance carrier.

You know from previous experience that getting yourself credentialed to do business with certain carriers can take months as the processing of that paperwork can be a slow process unless you are calling the carrier every few days for a status and if you barely have time for filling out the paperwork, you certainly don’t have time to be calling every few days to find out what your status is.

Your medical billing partner provides this credentialing service for you. They have the expertise and the knowledge to fill out your paperwork correctly the first time and submitted to the carriers of your choice including Medicare, Medicaid, DMERC carriers, Workman’s Compensation, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Unicare and many more. You can apply to just one carrier or an entire network, the choice is yours.

Once submitted, your medical billing partner will stay on top of your credentialing request and keep checking the status and make sure your application is handled in a timely process. This constant follow up insures that your credentialing happens faster and you can accept a wider scope of patients.

Look into getting yourself credentialed at more carriers, it’s an asset for your practice!

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