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Insurer Helps to Improve Rural Area Medical Billing

Insurer Helps to Improve Rural Area Medical Billing

Insurance companies aren’t all about taking your medical billing money. They do good as well. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is an example of an insurance company that thinks of others. Blue Cross Blue Shield donated millions of dollars to help poor communities with medical billing expenses.

A large donation of $10 million was given to north Carolina’s community practitioner program. This program is designed to assist under deserve communities with medical billing costs. It supports 95 health care professionals throughout the state. The insurance company is hoping and urging the north Carolina medical society to match their donation of $5 million.

If the North Carolina medical society matches Blue Cross Blue Shield medical billing donation, the community practitioner program will thrive. It will raise the number of supported providers to 160. It will also increase the amount of patience service in a year by 75%. This means 700,000 people per year would be helped with their medical billing expenses.

Donating money to assist under deserved communities helps the entire state and country. Improving the overall physical condition and financial condition of society helps everyone. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is an organization that cares about its beneficiaries. Each patient is not only a medical billing dollar, but also a living, breathing soul.

If your practice cares to much about medical billing expenses, perhaps Blue Cross Blue Shield should be an example for you. Your medical billing reimbursement will reflect the quality of service you provide to your patients.

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