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Consolidating Your Medical Billing Lists

Consolidating Your Medical Billing Lists

The Home Health Consolidated medical billing lists are currently changing. This new change comes about because the medical coding system is quickly changing and can no longer support certain medical codes and needs other medical billing codes for consistency. Be sure to update your medical billing consolidated lists with these new home health codes for accurate claim submission.

There are three medical billing codes for home health that will be eliminated from the consolidated list. These codes include A5119 (Skin barrier wipes box pr), A6025 (Gel Sheet for dermal or epidermal application), and A4656 (Needle, any size each). Two of the codes, A5119 and A4656, will be replaced with more suitable medical billing codes, but A6025 will be eliminated with no replacement.

There are also five new home health agency medical billing codes to add to your list. These codes include: A4412 (Ostomy pouch, drainable, and high output, for use on barrier with flange), A6457 (Tubular dressing with or without elastic, any width, per linear yard), A4363 (Ostomy clamp, any type, replacement only, each), A4411 (Ostomy skin barrier, solid 4 by 4 or equivalent, extended wear, with built-in convexity, each), and A5120 (Skin barrier, wipes or swabs, each). These new bundling medical billing codes should bring the home health consolidation list up to date and ready for the new coding system.

With the medical billing codes constantly changing, it is important to constantly stay current with the updates. Correct medical billing leads to reimbursement and quick payment. Medical billing companies can assist your practice in being as accurate as possible with claims. They have special software that is constantly updated and can spot a medical billing error before the claim is submitted. Medical billing firms can save your practice time, money, and much unneeded headache.

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