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Correct Diagnosis and Dressing Medical Billing And Coding

Correct Diagnosis and Dressing Medical Billing And Coding

The correct medical billing code for attending to surgical sutures is fuzzy. Currently the regional home health intermediary is closely examining the use of the code V58.3 (attention to surgical dressings and sutures). Medical billing constantly changes and the close examination of V58.3 is a perfect example of this statement.

The medical billing question is whether or not V58.3 is a suitable primary diagnosis code. The Regional home health intermediary is pulling claims with this diagnosis code and reviewing them for medical necessity. The decision on how to use V58.3 correctly in medical billing will be released once the examination is completed.

Since changes to procedures and policies are quite common in medical billing, it is very important to keep current with these changes. This requires your practice to have personnel dedicated solely to keeping the procedures updated. It would also be helpful if these staff were the only ones who performed medical billing for your practice. This may cost you more money, but is ultimately necessary.

Another option to keep your practice current on medical billing changes is to hire an outside medical billing firm. The primary goal of these companies is to produce accurate claims and get properly reimbursement for your practice. They have highly skilled personnel that have one job, and one job only: medical billing. They get a lot of practice with the new policies and procedures. Medical billing becomes like second nature to these individuals. If you would like to hand off your claim training responsibilities to someone else to deal with, you should highly consider hiring an outside medical billing firm. One thing is for sure, V58.3 is not the only fuzzy diagnosis code. Medical billing firms can help you clear up any other hazy coding issues.

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