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Use Correct Coding For Best Power Mobility Device Reimbursements

Use Correct Coding For Best Power Mobility Device Reimbursements

There are some strict medical billing requirements for power mobility devices now a days. These requirements, however, don’t come free. Now Medicare and other payers will have to pay your physician for his/her time spent working on extra documentation for these devices. You can expect an extra $21.60 for your extra time spent on power mobility medical billing.

Recently there was an increase in the amount of documentation that is needed to do medical billing for power mobility devices. Medicare requires the prescription, patient’s medical records, and any other supporting information. This medical billing process was and is extremely time consuming. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services realized this needed to be changed.

Instead of lowering the amount of medical billing documentation for power mobility devices, they decided to properly compensate for the extra time it creates. Now physicians can charge for a regular exam and also a $21.60 charge for the preparation of documentation.

Like everything else, there is a correct medical billing policy for this charge. First, the physician can charge for a regular evaluation and management exam. Second, the physician can report the medical billing code G0372 (Physician service required to establish and document the need for a power mobility device). This is actually equal to the medical billing of a level one office visit with an established patient. This medical billing information is required to be delivered to the device supplier within 30 days of the medical encounter.

Medicare realizes that medical billing is not a simple process, and the more requirements they implement, the more difficult it becomes. At least now CMS is beginning to reimburse providers for extra medical billing efforts. As long as you use the correct coding, your PMD medical billing reimbursements will increase.

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