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How to Bill MRI Claims for Maximum Reimbursements

How to Bill MRI Claims for Maximum Reimbursements

In many instances, when a patient receives both an IAC and brain MRI, many practices mistakenly bill only for one service or the other. However, in most cases, both procedures can be reimbursed.

The criteria for both procedures to be reimbursed are contingent in the fact that they must be performed in the same session. The requirement to code for both services is that they need two separate and distinct exams. Each exam is required to have distinct findings and you must have a medical necessity and documentation to back up both claims completely. If you find this situation confusing, you’re not alone.

The fast changing world of medical billing and coding is one of the best reasons to outsource your medical billing claims. Medical billing firms have personnel that are specifically trained to recover the most money possible for your practice. Not only can they help you with your medical billing, but ask about full practice management and your medical billing partner can consult with you and help you realize the most dollars out of your practice.

When you outsource your medical billing, you and your staff no longer have to worry what procedures are coding together and separately. Your only job will be to service your patients, document your services and watch your practice grow.

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