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Real World Rehabilitation Medical Billing Reimbursements

Real World Rehabilitation Medical Billing Reimbursements

The medical billing world has a new way of performing therapy for patients. Baton Rouge General Medical Center is changing the face of rehab therapy. The new rehab facility, “Around Town”, is helping patients adapt to the more practical aspects of life. While traditional therapy helps patients move their bodies again once again, this new therapy helps them adjust to real life situations. Payers may see a lot more of these types of medical billings come through their offices.

The “Around Town” facility looks like the inside of a house or a home. It is equipped with a working kitchen, bedroom, living room with a chair and couch, and a washer and dryer. Many times after hospital care, patients believe they cannot do as many everyday tasks as they can perform. This new type of therapy helps them see that they are capable of handling many of their own day to day needs.

If medical billing works out with the apartment setting, the Baton Rouge General Medical center will start on part two. Phase two is called “Main Street”. “Main Street” this equipped with a post office and bank. The hospital is holding off on designing this wing because most patients after hospital care spend more time at home than anywhere else. In order for phase two to work, medical billing has to work for phase one.

Although hospitals would enjoy medical billing for the apartment setting, they will also still get reimbursement for traditional therapy. This new program is by no means a substitute for traditional therapy. However, it is a great supplement.

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