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Tips for Dealing With Pessary Coding

Tips for Dealing With Pessary Coding

Have you ever struggled while dealing with pesky pessary coding issues? If so, then it is a great idea to come up with some sort of strategy that will help you to better understand these codes as well as the different reasons for them. When you are dealing with the pessary codes, you should take several things into consideration including the information provided in manuals, the procedures at hand, what the policies are for the particular practice and all of the supplies that are involved.

Basically, the definition of a pessary is a specific support device to aid in weaknesses of the pelvic floor. Such weaknesses or problems will include stress urinary incontinence and uterine or vaginal prolapse. In any of these situations, the usual and often the only way that they can be corrected without any type of a surgical procedure is with a pessary device.

When it comes to the insertion of this pessary device, the only code that you can use happens to be 57160. If you have any other procedures to be done along with the insertion, you can then add them in addition to the other insertion code of 57160. This same code for insertion would not be used if you are taking the pessary device out and then reinserting after a cleaning. The only time that this code would be used again is if it were a completely new device. Once you have studied up on the uses and procedures involved with the pessary device, you should have a much better understanding on how to code it.

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