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Keeping Up With Medical Billing Changes

Keeping Up With Medical Billing Changes

January 2007 brought more changes to the medical billing industry. Certain codes were “retired”, new codes were added and others simply had their meanings broadened to encompass their meanings. If your practice doesn’t keep up with the changes and know in advance of coming changes, you can be losing out on legitimate revenue for services rendered. Some practices are losing up to one fourth of their revenue simply because they staff isn’t aware of the best techniques for reporting procedures.

Undercoding is another way many practices don’t get the full value for their services. If your staff is undercoding your medical billing claims you are definitely missing out on reimbursements. Also, partially paid and rejected claims are also a problem that will stall your revenue flow to a trickle.

If you’re ready to leave the worry of keeping up with the medical billing and coding changes; consider that it might be time to outsource your medical billing to a third party partner. You can rest assured your claims will be coded correctly, the best fitting CPT codes will be used and your claims will be submitted in a timely manner. Additionally, if there are any problems with the claim, your staff won’t have to stop servicing your patients to go pull files and wade through reams of medical billing forms; your medical billing partner will handle those situations too!

Keeping up with the fast paced changes is tough and it shouldn’t affect your business but it does. Look into outsourcing your medical billing in 2007 and reap the rewards all around.

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