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Cyber Secure Medical Billing

Cyber Secure Medical Billing

Cyber Secure Medical Billing

The protection of medical billing personal health information is a big deal in today’s world. Criminals are constantly trying to access the information, while healthcare professionals try desperately to protect it. Computers and electronics may be a medical billing timesaver, but when it comes to security, some practices fall a little short. The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago has recently solved this electronic medical billing security problem with an innovative new system.

PostX is the program of choice at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. This is a messaging system that was developed for seamless integration and extremely secure medical billing transmissions. It was designed to be able to pass secure medical billing information between the rehabilitation facility and the hospital. It can do all this, while still upholding personal health information confidentiality.

Many times it is necessary to transfer medical billing PHI between medical providers. If this is the case, an secure electronic system is in order. This includes software programs as well as email. The PostX system allows this sensitive medical billing information to be passed back and forth through encrypted messages. The system can automatically detect if information needs to be encrypted or not.

Another great feature of the new secure email system is that medical billing information can be viewed on any computer in your facility. Special software is not required. Not only is the medical billing information secure, but it is hassle free for an authorized person to access.

You should remember that electronics are not the only things that should be secure. File cabinets should be locked at all times. Any hard copy of a patient’s records or medical billing information should be kept under lock and key. Medical billing is personal information and should be treated with the utmost respect by your staff.

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