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61% of Physicians Say EHR Systems Reduce Clinical Efficiency

61% of Physicians Say EHR Systems Reduce Clinical Efficiency

“EHR systems continue to fall short of provider expectations and detract from the joys of practicing medicine, according to a recent national survey by The Doctors Company.

More than 3,400 physicians from 49 states and the District of Columbia offered their perspective on EHR technology, federal regulations, value-based care, patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs), and other aspects of the healthcare system.

Survey respondents included surgical specialists, primary care providers, and nonsurgical specialists. The majority of respondents were 51 and older.

Overall, the majority of surveyed physicians reported that EHR systems have had a negative impact on the patient-provider relationship, clinical workflows, and clinical productivity.

Fifty-four percent of surveyed physicians stated their belief that EHR technology negatively affects the patient-provider relationship, while 61 percent of respondents reported feeling that EHR systems disrupt clinical workflows, reduce clinical efficiency, and lessen clinical productivity.

Few respondents had a positive view of EHR vendors.

“Only 14 percent of doctors reported a positive experience with EHR vendors, with the rest split on whether the service has been neutral or negative,” stated authors in the report…”

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