All Articles Written by Kathryn Disney-Etienne, CCS-P, RT

All Articles Written by Kathryn Etienne, CCS-P, RT - DOO

Welcome to the archived list of all medical billing articles written and posted to the site by our Director of Operations, Kathryn Etienne, CCS-P, RT.

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Defining the Role of a Medical Billing Clearing House

The importance of a clearing house in the medical world cannot be overemphasized. Also called Third Party Administrators (TPAs), clearing houses make healthcare payment seamless by serving as a link between the hospital, patient, and insurance provider. The role of the clearing house is to interact with the billing system of a hospital, clinic or physician’s office to evaluate medical claims. It sets up necessary documents for patients with claims before forwarding them to the insurer. Typically, a clearing house has strong ties with various insurance providers. Clearing houses aren’t restricted to just collecting documents and ensuring proper documentation for the claim/claims of patients, they are also saddled with the

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Medical Billing vs Medical Coding, What’s the Difference?

Medical coding and medical billing are two of the reimbursement systems within the healthcare organization. The professionals who perform these tasks are known as medical coders and medical billers, respectively. The work of medical coders and medical billers is to analyze medical treatments received by patients while at a healthcare facility to coordinate payments from insurance companies and patients. In this article, we will discuss the difference between medical coding and medical billing. However, it is important to have a brief understanding of what medical coding and medical billing entail. What is Medical Coding? Medical coding is a way of converting healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal

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COVID-19 and the Family Practice Provider

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic system has certainly been negatively affected. As covid-19 continues its exponential growth across the world, it has taken a financial hit on all businesses, including the health care systems. The Coronavirus outbreak affects Schools, Universities, Cinemas, Concert halls, Theaters, Pubs, Restaurant, Shopping malls and other small businesses. Many People have lost their jobs and shops have closed down as a result of this pandemic. Many people find themselves in isolation with their family or being completely alone. Many People are lonely, afraid and depressed. This novel Coronavirus has been a source of catastrophic social and economic crisis. People now make use

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10 Common Physician RCM Mistakes

If you’re familiar with the beloved sitcom “Seinfeld,” then you have probably seen “The Opposite,” an episode where George Costanza takes it upon himself to do the complete opposite of what he believes is right. The episode serves as the inspiration for Craig Pedersons’ presentation, “Physician Compensation: 10 Common Mistakes (and Four Solutions),” at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Annual Conference in Anaheim, Calif. “I am going to go through case studies and specific examples of financial train wrecks. I’m not trying to tell people what to do, I’m telling them what to avoid. Case studies allow examples to become a lot more real,” says Pederson, a principle consultant

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Your Medical Billing Team is The Center of Your Business

Over the past three years, I’ve really managed to shift who makes policies, enforces policies, and understand why policies are made. Often times, leaders and managers who lack either training or experience create more and more policies rather than approaching a specific person about their behavior. Typing up a policy seems the least resistant way to handle a problem. But I warn you this is the worst approach to take. When you create policies for this reason, you are stifling and handcuffing your remaining staff, who will most likely end up leaving the company due to so many rules and policies. Let’s be clear here, I love structure and process,

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