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Pediatric Patient History – Who Can Take It?

Pediatric Patient History – Who Can Take It?

Contrary to popular belief, it is safe practice to allow any office member to take the review of systems and the family social history. These two evaluation and management history elements can actually be taken by absolutely anyone. It is ok in medical billing for a parent or a secretary to take down this information as long as the information is reviewed and signed off on by the acting pediatrician.

The only part of an evaluation and management visit that the physician or nurse practitioner must complete for medical billing purposes is the history of present illness or the reason for the visit.

By allowing your administrative staff to complete some of the patient documentation, a practice can save time and money as it frees up the pediatricians and nurse practitioners to have more time for the actual servicing of the patients.

Another great way to save your practice time and money is to outsource your medical billing. Your medical billing partner will make sure your pediatric practice gets the maximum return and if you’re not using a medical billing company, you could be losing almost 30% of your medical billing revenue by simply not knowing how to get the maximum reimbursements that your practice is allowed for services rendered and general errors that occur when practices file their own claims.

Look into expanding the duties of your administrative staff and consider outsourcing your medical billing – the winners will be your patients and your practice!

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