Linking Policies of Outsource Management Group, LLC.

Linking Policies

Outsource Management Group, LLC occasionally links to publicly accessible websites for the sole purpose of providing information, products or services to Providers that are not readily available on this website, unless directed not to by the owner of that website.

These links are provided for the sole purpose of assisting medical providers in their search for additional information

Links to External Websites

Outsource Management Group, LLC links to external websites as a public service only.

Outsource Management Group, LLC., does not guarantee or endorse the content of the external organizations, services, advice, or products included in these website links. Outsource Management Group, LLC., does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance or completeness of the information contained in these website links.

Evaluation Of External Links

The internet operations staff evaluates all links using the following:

  • Does the website offer Providers information or products that is not available on an OMG, LLC website?
  • Does the website complement existing information, products and services on Outsource Management Group, LLC.?
  • Is the website’s content relevant, useful and authoritative for Providers and their medical staff?
  • Does the website’s information appear to be accurate and current?
  • Is the website’s privacy of visitor information consistent with the OMG, LLC’s privacy and security policies?
  • Does the website offer Provider’s this information free of charge?

Reciprocal Links

Though any website is welcome to link to Outsource Management Group, LLC., to provide their visitors with the provider information contained within, Outsource Management Group, LLC., does not engage in any type of reciprocal linking.


Outsource Management Group, LLC., will not link to any website that exhibits hate, bias, discrimination, specific religious views, or social agendas. Furthermore, Outsource Management Group, LLC., reserves the right to deny or remove any link that contains misleading information or unsubstantiated claims, or is determined to be in conflict with Outsource Management Group, LLC’s missions or policies.

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