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Medical Billing – Outsourcing

Medical Billing – Outsourcing

Medical Billing – Outsourcing

To outsource or not to outsource that is the question. Your practice is growing and busy. Your staff is very busy servicing incoming patients, answering busy phone calls, and whatever the crisis du jour might be in your office that day. Life can’t be planned, as a physician you know that more than most. You don’t have time for coding errors, which when you do your own medical billing and coding, unfortunately are a fact of life.

Most coding errors are just that, plain old human error. When your staff gets rushed and distracted from what they are doing, and it happens in the most well organized practices, mistakes and errors in medical billing can happen. This is a great reason to consider outsourcing your medical billing. As your practice grows, you are not going to be any less busy. Your staff will need more time than ever to handle incoming patients and service them.

By outsourcing your medical billing you will not only free up your staff to give your patients, your practices life’s blood, their undivided attention, you will also have a smoother running cash flow for your practice.

When your coding is done error free and medical billing claims are submitted to the insurance and Medicare offices with absolutely accurate coding, your reimbursements happen faster and there are no delays due to having to re-do and resubmit claims.

Until the invention of secure software to handle your medical billing, outsourcing your medical billing was limited pretty much to local companies and in some cases those were not the best choices. Now, with secure internet connections, you may outsource your medical billing to whatever firm you choose.

Outsourcing is a win-win situation for you, your staff, and your patients!
Entrusting a medical billing company with your practice’s billing is a big decision and you will find in doing a little research, that the best companies aren’t always in your backyard. Sometimes you may find the best medical billing company is states away from you, but with modern technology, is just a phone call or mouse click away.

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