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Will Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Get Your Claims Paid Faster?

Will Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Get Your Claims Paid Faster?

You bet it will. Outsourcing your medical billing is a big decision but it is also a very smart one. You are not only freeing up your staff to help run your busy practice, you are allowing the professionals whose sole business is to keep up with the fast paced and ever changing coding and regulation changes in our industry, take care of all of your billing and coding needs.

You have a busy practice, your staff is busy servicing patients and generally doesn’t have the free time to devote to seeing what claims were paid and only partially paid. Your medical billing outsourcing partner has the knowledge, experience and staff to go over your medical billing and coding, check for errors, submit your claims electronically from which you will see reimbursement within about 14 days as opposed to the usual 60-90 days you may be accustomed to waiting for the re-imbursements to come in to your office.

Additionally, your medical billing partner will collect on past due A/Rs and handle the credentialing of physicians with other carriers to insure that all your claims will be submitted and handled in a timely basis. Best of all, your medical billing partner will also handle any claim appeals that you might need addressed. Your rejection rate will fall to single digit percentages but occasionally as the laws of statistics dictate, a claim will get denied and your medical billing partner will go to bat for you in those rare cases and find out the reason for denial and if there is a way to recoup the loss; this translates to a greater revenue flow to your practice.

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