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Medical Billing Outsourcing For Specialists

Medical Billing Outsourcing For Specialists

Medical Billing Outsourcing For Specialists

Specialists have special problems when they need to outsource their medical billing. They need to find a vendor that understands their procedures and can accurately pick the correct coding in case the physician merely checks a main procedure performed.

This knowledge by the medical billing firm will insure that claims are not under or partially paid when reimbursed and save the Specialist a lot of legwork having to pull files and re-read procedures to see what was actually done.

Outsourcing your medical billing to a firm that can handle your specialty claims will take a lot off your mind and improve your cash flow. Did you know that in all likelihood nearly 40% of your in house manually billed claims are being rejected or simply not paid?
Your staff doesn’t always have the time to handle rejected claims or investigate why a claim was only partially paid. Many times those claims go into folders on their desks with very good intentions to handle that “later”.

But the phones ring, patients must come first for servicing and “later” just doesn’t seem to happen. Soon you are losing money because of this. It’s really not a reflection on your staff, it’s simply a lack of time.

Let professionals handle your medical billing, outsource your billing to people that have the time and knowledge to file your medical billing claims electronically, get you paid up to 2 weeks faster, and investigate any returned or partially paid claims. You will see an increase in your reimbursement cash flow into your practice quicker than you can say , “Specialist”.

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